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In underprivileged societies such as orphaned, poor and detached families, children need care and support in a stable and fostering environment. Foster care is a distinguished way of offering ample care and support for orphaned kids. Many times, foster care offer temporary support though it may lead to adoption in some cases.

In the US, there are several forms of foster care but the common ones include the following;

Kinship care involves full-time care by relatives or any adult who may have prior linkage with the kid

Single Foster family is where one or more foster parents provide support for up to six foster kids in the parent`s household.

Group Home is where a group of adults is recruited to care and support more than six foster kids

For purposes of ensuring the safety and welfare of a foster kid, certain qualifications must be met by every prospective foster parent. In most US states, violation of foster care regulations is a serious offense that may attract legal prosecution. Getting a qualified and experienced attorney with ample understanding of the family law will assist you to navigate the process of becoming a foster parent without much hassle. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro offer assistance in foster care issues as well as other family law matters. If you have questions on foster care matters within Los Angeles and Orange counties, you should contact the Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro.

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