Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Located in Portland

Motorcycle accidents can be quite severe. Those who ride motorcycles are wearing very limited protective gear. Even if they are in full gear head to toe, there is still a huge chance they can be injured during a motorcycle accident. When you are in a car in Portland you have the car to help protect you if another car crashes into you. When you are on a motorcycle you have nothing to protect you from injury, except your helmet. The injuries people who ride motorcycles tend to suffer from are broken or shattered bones, amputations, internal bleeding, neck, back, and spine injuries, and they can even die from a motorcycle accident.


After you have gotten you injuries assessed by a medical professional it would be a good idea to also get help from a personal injury lawyer. Getting help from Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman a personal injury law firm in Portland is the best thing you can do for your motorcycle accident case. You will want this law firm to represent you, because they have some of the best lawyers on their team. Their Portland motorcycle accident attorneys have handled countless cases and are equipped to help you in yours.

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