Spousal support attorney

In the event of a divorce by mutual consent, the other spouse does not need his own lawyer! So it is enough if only one spousal support lawyer is involved. You can save the costs for the second lawyer. The other spouse then does not have his own lawyer, but that is not necessary as long as everything is consensual. In a divorce by mutual consent, the spouses often proceed in such a way that only one of the spouses takes an attorney and the other spouse agrees to the divorce petition without an attorney. This is completely unproblematic and the cheapest way. It must only be pointed out that the lawyer in such a case is not the lawyer of both spouses, but only the lawyer of the spouse who files the divorce application. He may therefore only represent his interests. But that's no problem in a divorce by mutual consent. However, if the other spouse fears that his interests are being neglected, he must appoint his own lawyer. In such a case, however, it may suffice if he merely consults another lawyer. This is cheaper than hiring your own lawyer for the divorce proceedings.

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