Oklahoma Statutes stipulate how a guardianship may be established. Owing to the parents’ death, or a deprivation of their parental rights, or cases of grave illness, etc., a person – a relative or not – may be designated by a legal procedure to take the responsibility to care for a child. The latter may nominate a guardian if his/her age is over 14.
An adult facing disability, age, etc., may also enjoy an appointment of a guardian, having the same obligations – with some extra – as for a child, like the provision of home, food, clothing, health care, etc.
Because of certain specifics of a guardianship, an attorney is a crucial component in the process to table the concrete case to the court. Rick Dane Moore & Associates Law Firm, PLLC is a family law firm in Norman, dealing with that matter in an impeccable professional way by building their expertise on all details regarding the case, the law’s scope and optimal course of action.

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